PALMA VIOLETS remain one of most hyped indie bands from the last year. The big media hitters and bloggers all having their say- whether it be good or bad. Their live set on “Later…. With Jools Holland” in 2012 was a highlight in their rise to critical acclaim with successful gigs around the UK throughout 2013 so far.

Voted NME’s best track of 2012 Best of Friends opens the album. It starts with a calm guitar riff before the sound of the snare, floor tom and smashing cymbal is cue for a steady distorted bass to drive the verse. This is overlapped with a gospel sound from the keys. There’s a lot to like about this song but the roughness of the vocals from Alexander Chilli Jesson has something endearing about it which grabs your attention.

Step Up For the Cool Cats begins with an organ-sounding keys intro. Using only 2 notes, which remains the back bone to this track, a pounding drum beat and softer sounding vocals drive the track through at a steady-pace. The song doesn’t have a distinctive chorus to it, although magically- it’s not missed.

A slow tempo starts All the Garden Birds, as the guitar and bass begin you get a really strong 80’s feel. This then dies out for the keys to overtake creating an 80’s video game tone.

Rattlesnake Highway opens with venom in Jesson’s voice as he screams out the catchy lyrics. This track has a strong Joe Strummer sound- you can really hear the clash influence in here as the energy of punk emerges.

Chicken Dipper and Last of the Summer Wine are to follow, the latter being a totally different style to the song Best of Friends– to which it appears on a Double-A side release. Summer Wine is a more melodic sounding track, with a nice clean sounding guitar throughout. The chorus is a true sing a long, easy to remember and catchy.

Fans live favourite Tom the Drum is all about the drums as the name suggests, lead along by the beat as the sticks roll off the snare and toms. The chorus doesn’t really change much except when the addition of angry vocals and distorted bass gives it some fury that is no doubt why it’s so successful live.

Johnny Bagga’ Donuts has something very different to offer, in fact this could be the gem of the album, there is a charm about this song that’s heard to explain but play it loud and you’ll understand.

We Found Love and Three Stars leads to the last track of the album, 14. With its repetitive lyrics “I’m 14, I’m 14, take me home” this catchy track is a good way to end the album.

By Neal Mcharg